Integrated healthcare communication

Recent EU studies show that patients are more and more concerned and interested in their health, actively searching information about prevention and therapy for their problems.

For over the last 16 years, Eduinfo has been bringing innovative programs providing solutions to reach all Healthcare participants directly.

Eduinfo offers integrated communication methods to stimulate and enlarge the dialogue on disease prevention and awareness, educate and inform on any questions concerning health, lifestyle changes, disease awareness, prevention, health questions, current social and welfare issues and personal wellness.

We provide Integrated healthcare communication directly to all our Healthcare partners: Healthcare Consumers, Healthcare Professionals, Government authorities, Non-governmental organizations, Pharma companies, Professional chambers and Professional Healthcare associations and we are still working on opening new ways to communicate.

Do you need to educate, inform, launch a new product, promote a new healthcare or a prevention campaign?

Eduinfo integrated healthcare communication will help you reach your target.