We help Healtcare professionals and our clients to improve the healthcare education, promotion and advertising.

How to help and support Healtcare professionals in their dialogue with patients?

Over 16 years, Eduinfo has been building a genuine, long-lasting relationship with doctors and Healthcare Professionals who are involved in the education of patients and education through online and offline services.

Eduinfo integrated communication services helps Healthcare Professionals to save their valuable time.

Healthcare professionals often seek for proper educational and informational materials (leaflets, infographics, brochures, posters) to actively  educate and inform their patients.

We have created an online database of educational materials according to therapeutic groups, where Healthcare Professionals can simply order and obtain important information for their patients.

Healthcare professionals can order educational materials by a few clicks for free.

Eduinfo takes care of entire process of logistics, delivering and maintenance.

These online brochures represent an easy way for Healthcare professionals to deliver proper educational materials into hands of their patients.

Do you need address Healthcare professionals directly?

If the topic you are dealing with,needs a more active approach of Healthcare professionals, we can deliver your materials directly into their hands.

Eduinfo operates with a team of experienced and trained representatives. They are responsible for maintenance and growth of our educational network, but they are also performing a wide range of activities such as: delivering the magazines, brochures, samples, infographics directly to Healthcare professionals.