Government authorities

Eduinfo cooperates with the Ministry of Health and WHO and offers integrated communication methods to stimulate and enlarge the dialogue on disease prevention  and awareness, educate and inform on any questions concerning health, lifestyle changes, disease awareness, prevention, health questions, current social and welfare issues and personal wellness.

Healthcare NGO

Eduinfo team of experienced and trained representatives cooperate with Healthcare Non-governmental Organizations and perform a wide range of activities such as: distributing, delivering the magazines, brochures, samples, infographics directly to Healthcare Consumers and Healthcare Professionals.

Pharma producers

Our mission is also to enlarge and support communication between Healthcare Consumers

Pharma companies providing educational programs , information services, leaflet distribution, disease awareness and prevention. We offer services such as:

  •  Creating and printing of graphically attractive Medical content on demand
  • Printing of any Healthcare material
  • Distribution of Health Magazines and literature
  • Visiting Healthcare professionals directly
  • Supply of samples to specialists
  • Marketing research among doctors and patients
  • Creating of graphically attractive Medical content on demand
  • „Mystery shopping“ projects and activities
  • Distribution of POS materials
  • Creating and performing Educational TV clips in waiting rooms